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on being "on"

Day 1 of symposium over, just the first of two fancy Dinners to go to; we have to leave to catch the bus there in a few minutes.

These things are always exhausting for me, not because there is all that much technical content or that I have to work really hard or anything, but just because I don't like having to be "on" and social all the time, ready to smile and engage a stranger in a conversation about networking equipment, or web browsers, or even the weather or the basketball team. I can usually do okay at this, and have even been told I am a "fascinating conversationalist," but it is very difficult for me, and having to keep it up all day is really tiring.

At lunch I was sitting next to the Vice President for Customer Service of this company, making that slightly awkward small talk, until we discovered that we're both pilots. Then it turned from computer networking geek talk to pilot geek talk, and I had a great time. And the VP for Customer Service now knows who I am, which probably won't hurt down the road.

I miss my doggies, and my own bed, and a decent net connection, and Becca and Shilagh and Elissa. It is good to hang out with Susan and Ian and Zanne and Jill though.

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