Charley (szasz) wrote,

I find it pretty damn pathetic that procmail and spamassassin now send about 80% of my inbound mail to junk mail folders, or throw it away entirely. Four-fifths of the work the Internet does to get email to me is completely wasted because I never even see it.

I suppose the good news is that I have spamassassin's Bayesian classifier trained well enough, and the point-rankings it assigns tweaked sufficiently, that it's letting very nearly none of the spam to my inbox. It even seems to be catching the mail which is just a big block of text from War and Peace in a font color that's the same as the background, and then an IMG tag to a giant GIF of the actual ad telling me how I can get a thicker ŗõD or a longer PêÑ|5.

Kate is slowly training her own Bayesian classifier since I've been pretty vocal about how well it works. It's tedious work to manually sort through all the inbound mail to build up a big enough "corpus" of spam and non-spam, but it was definitely worth it, for me at least.

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