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We putzed around in Memphis longer than planned, the result being that I was wheels-up later than I would have liked, because I wanted to get home by sunset. Which I managed, thanks to the winds aloft being lighter than forecast. But the sun was still pretty low in the sky by the time I got near home. I was also flying from clear skies towards some rainstorms, so it got progressively more cloudy and gloomy the closer I got to home. It didn't worry me, but it did make the landscape very photogenic.

I flew past the airport I learned to fly at (our planes are based at a smaller airport north of town now). I like this picture because it looks as though I'm on a long high final for runway 32R, but really this was taken out the side window, and I'm flying past the airport from left to right. If I were actually intending on landing here and saw that out my front windscreen, I'd be in for a really interesting (read: unsafe) approach, as any pilot looking at this perspective can tell.

Tired of trying to capture the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers with the camera (I still need to sort out which of many not-quite-perfect pictures is the best), I settled on the you-are-here version and took a picture of the GPS. MWA was the next waypoint in my flight plan--Marion, Illinois. I was about 90 minutes from home. This is the geeky part of flying.

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