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grrr, writer's block

I have a fucking hour-long talk I have to give tomorrow afternoon, and I"ve spent all afternoon trying to slide-ify my outline. And I am just getting nowhere. And it's really pissing me off.

Part of it is that this is a persuasive talk, and I already know my audience doesn't really want to hear what I'll have to say, and I've said it all before anyway, and I'm sorry that the campus doesn't have enough money to build the network that everyone wants and I'm sorry that we don't believe in the "haves and have nots" model of enterprise networking, and I just can't get motivated to get ready to get up there again.

Being kind of mopey and depressed doesn't help, either.

Late night, I suppose. At least I got sufficient sleep last night.

I want to be walking on a long beach somewhere, on a mild fall day, with a deep blue sky and alternately feeling the warm sand and the cool water on my toes.

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