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meme goodness

First real kiss: hmmm, would have to be a chick I met at a party in the large corner suite of my dorm floor. I have forgotten her name. I do remember Donna Hamelman, though. I think she was next.

First job: a shitty data entry position on an IBM System/36 at Modagrafics in the Chicago suburbs.

First screen name: Tuna

First self-purchased album: Rise, a discoish jazzy thing by Herb Alpert. Around 1980.

First Funeral: First one I remember was my dad's mom. Something tells me there must have been earlier ones, but I have no memory of them.

First pets: A mail-order Carolina Anole

First piercing: Jill Smith got me drunk and then took me to the Claire's or whatever at the mall for a stud in my left ear. I could never keep it from getting infected until I replaced it with a hoop.

First true love: Rita, of course.

First big trip: First one I remember is an airplane trip down to Florida to visit grandma and grandpa

First musician heard in the house: Don't remember, but it would have to be something classical. Dad didn't tolerate anything else.

Last big car ride: To Seattle and back, this past summer, to move Kate home from her internship

Last kiss: Presumably this morning when saying goodbye to Kate

Last good cry: A couple of years ago, after having a beer with Greg, I was inexplicably overcome with sadness that Sandy was dead and then completely lost it when I got home. Full-out lie on the kitchen floor and sob, sob, sob. I miss her. I still cry when I think of her, but that was the last "good" one.

Last movie seen: I watched Aliens on the Tivo a few days ago. I think the last movie I saw for the first time was Frida

Last beverage drank: I'm currently drinking a cup of coffee

Last food consumed: a not particularly good hamburger at Joe's

Last phone call: Kate called me to check in about an hour ago

Last TV show watched: Last night's new episode of "Queer Eye"

Last shoes worn: I had to put my sandals on to get into Joe's to eat dinner tonight

Last CD played: Liz Phair, "Selections from Exile In Guyville and Whip-Smart"

Last item bought: I don't remember. Something this past weekend for mom's party, probably

Last disappointment: not sure about this. Probably just that my house is still falling apart and that I"m still not, apparently, doing anything about it.

Last soda drank: yesterday at lunch, a pepsi

Last ice cream eaten: probably the ill-fated departmental ice cream social last Thursday

Last shirt worn: a purple and black flannel

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