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so-so holidays

Well, Thanksgiving itself was a little stressful. We had a houseguest, Elissa, AND my mom down to visit. We get along fine with mom on her own turf, but I think she gets a little unsettled when in a strange house. Also, she's used to things being a lot more formal than we are, and I don't think she liked having to ask for things that she thought we should have thought of ahead of time. The food was good, Kate made almost the whole meal (mom contributed a monster 23 pound turkey), but again, my sense was it was all just a little too ad hoc and informal for her tastes.

The fun started on Friday after mom left. The rest of us started a mammoth Trading-Spaces-style redoing of our living room. Everything got moved around, we created two distinct areas where there had been just one mish-mash, and we replaced the ponderous wooden entertainment center with a sleeker black metal shelving that, surprisingly, looks awesome. Of course the whole thing moved from one side of the room to the other so the two satellite feeds, roof antenna connection, network jack (for the Audiotron), and phone line had to be relocated as well. Elissa was a big help with this daunting job, providing both moral support and much-needed skill fishing cables through walls. She also fixed a leaky washer in our kitchen sink and replaced some broken wooden trim on the upstairs bedding cabinet. So much thanks to her.

Becca and Kate went rug shopping and we splurged on two really awesome contemporary Gebbah rugs. We had a hard time deciding between what we got and another set of much more contemporary ones. I may post pictures; they are beautiful.

Saturday we had Colleen, one of the psych chicks, over for a Godfather marathon. Damn, are those movies long. We only watched the first two, and with breaks and pauses, we were in front of the TV for over seven hours. She brought her dog Toby over, who is a male dog and so induced some rather bad behavior in Ajay, some of which we're still cleaning up after. Poor Ajay does so well but he's got his routine in the house and he really doesn't react well to having it disturbed.

Sunday was just a two-of-us day. We hardly noticed it happening, but the inability to get any time to ourselves to catch up and reconnect really wore on us (we walked the dogs, just the two of us, Saturday night, and the "debriefings" really struck us as like a much-needed bit of calming). So Sunday we mostly tried to take in our new living room arrangement, talk about what's next in terms of color, art, and then what room to do next.

By the time Monday came around, I could barely remember what I had been doing at work.


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Dec. 2nd, 2003 11:08 pm (UTC)
final agreement
you know, getting back into the swing of school was really bizarre for me this week, too. even getting into the lectures (which i adore) was intimidatingly difficult. not because of the shift from routine, i think, but more from the fact that Real Important Stuff was getting done with the people i care about, and it felt rather interrupted by the return to academia.

i walked into class on monday, where a fellow non-traditional classmate and i just sat there staring at each other blankly for a good sixty seconds. then, two wry smiles and much head shaking. i don't think either of us knew exactly where we were that morning.

makes you wonder if we get enough breaks from our work loads when we can't recover adequately from a measly few days off. *ponder*
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