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on being sick, and English grammar

I thought I was just having a reaction of some kind to the cassia bark oil that I used earlier in the week (turns out that was aromatherapy-strength oil so I shouldn't have been putting it on myself at all), but it appears as though I've caught a cold. It's not been too bad to control so far, using relatively few drugs, but I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and probably stay home and rest some, work from home some. Thankfully, I have no meetings scheduled tomorrow.

I just had to refresh my memory about the verbs lie and lay. In a previous entry I wrote "...Ajay went right in and layed down..." and I realized "layed" is not a word, but I knew that both laid (the past tense of lay) and lied (the past tense of the other verb lie which means to tell an untruth) weren't right either. Turns out the simple past tense of lie (to recline or rest) is lay. No wonder those two words are so often confused.

So it's "...Ajay went right in and lay down." Looks wrong, but it's right. I usually have a pretty good intuition for what "looks right" and "looks wrong" in English, but it's failing me here. Perhaps it's the cold medicine, which is making me kind of loopy. Kate said she could tell I was drugged up because my eyes are glazed.

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