Charley (szasz) wrote,


We're back from Oregon. Had a basically nice time except I still have a lot on my mind and when there was nothing to do, I got mopey pretty fast. And Kate's brother-in-law was fairly cranky all weekend because his girlfriend dumped him for like the eighth time on Friday.

But Sequoia was her usual bundle of energy and joy. And we went to see/dance to a couple of bands, 11 Eyes and the Syncopated Taint Septet. It was kind of extreme jazz, almost punk, if there is such a thing as punk jazz. I actually liked 11 Eyes better even though they were the opening band. They were younger, easier to dance to, and I enjoyed the novelty of a turntablist in the band, adding scratches and samples to the music. It was clear that Syncopated Taint was the more mature, more talented band; they were super tight and there was purer emotion in their playing, but it was also really challenging. I was trying to figure out their rhythms and all I managed was that there was an odd number in the denominator of most of their time signatures, which also changed frequently mid-song. So it was really annoying to dance to and we were tired anyway so we left mid-set.

Kate was an awesome aunt and both she and Sequoia got nose piercings.

We went on a hike in Silver Falls State Park, which features 10 waterfalls. We saw seven of them but my camera battery ran out after three. I still got some decent pictures. My sandals were bothering me so I hiked the last 1.6 mile stretch barefoot, which was a bit much even though the trail was mostly pine needles and wood chips. I kind of forgot it's winter and I haven't been outside barefoot much so I'm not used to it.

I drove up to Portland to hang out with Sarah Brown (planegirl) for a few hours. She's one of the more amazing people I've ever met and was both inspiring and humbling to be around. Of course I forgot my camera when we went to the airport to poke around in the plane she flies for Lifeflight, which I'm still irritated about. But we had a really nice visit and I'm happy about the potential new friendship.

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