Charley (szasz) wrote,

flying club meeting

I hate it when they last two hours. At least I'm not Mr. Lord President any more.

We did have another interested potential member, yet another ER physician. I swear, we are all doctors, university faculty, and me. And it was the annual elections, in which I studiously avoided getting myself nominated for anything but did allow myself to be reappointed avionics officer. My first order of business apparently is to get a new ADF for 59H. It's been flaky for a long time, but no one ever flies NDB approaches any more, so I was starting to advocate just getting rid of the damn thing, but apparently the consensus of the club is that we need a new one, which will be $3000. This after we just replaced a DG ($800) and a VOR head ($1200).

The most interesting thing we did today was to institute a new billing rule where everyone will get charged for one hour of flight time for each month from April to July, and then will have the rest of the year to "fly it off". This will force certain people to stay more current, will guarantee the planes fly at least 80 more hours a year, or failing that will get over $5000 of "free money" in the treasury. I'm sure some people will bitch, but I mean really... why be part owner of two airplanes if you're not going to fly at least four hours a year?

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