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on spring break

Today was the last day of classes before Spring Break.

Traditionally this is time for my group to make "mid-course corrections" in the network backbone: disruptive topology changes, limited capacity upgrades, stress testing, and other maintenance. Usually I look forward to this because it's kind of fun, and we all get to get our hands dirty.

For some reason, though, I'm dreading it. I'm questioning my ability to hold the whole thing in my head these days, something I always used to count on to make my intuitive-style decisions about things. Also, we usually discover what extra stuff we need to procure at the end of the semester to be ready for next fall, but the state budget is in such poor shape that I'm probably going to be unable to even do incremental capacity upgrades via patching and temporary fixes, let alone the shiny new fifth-generation backbone I have been designing.

And, I think I'm getting sick. I was hoping against hope that I wasn't going to pick up the awful cold my wife has been fighting off for a week, but it looks like my immune system is losing the battle. I'm going to try to pamper myself this weekend in an attempt to keep from getting too bad.

I wasn't expecting to see Becca around at all, but she showed up online while I was out to dinner and I missed her, Grump. I've also seen one picture of her making a lewd gesture, go figure. I miss her. On the one positive side of her being gone is my distraction with online chatting is reduced to almost nil, meaning I'll get some more work done than I normally would.

I haven't even started my taxes yet. They're going to be a bitch, too, with the change in marital status. Or not. Long story.

Thirteen weeks until the big move to Seattle. Ten weeks until life starts really getting disrupted with packing, traveling, and moving. Sixteen days until Easter.

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