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on spam and local elections

I just got spam from the Green Party candidate running for county board. It was very polite, well-written, grammatically correct, and to-the-point, wasn't sent using a spamming service, nor did it try to obfuscate itself as non-spam. Going to the web site, the candidate seems pretty close to me on the issues and is earnest and serious about the board seat. Not very experienced and kind of young, which is the only thing on the negative side.

But still... I got spammed. I don't know what to think of this.

The time change got me up too early today. Rather than think about the extra hour of sleep and stay up longer last night, I was tired from the active weekend and went to bed "on time". So I made up for the extra hour by getting up early. But now there's nothing to do except go on a coffee safari, and most places are still closed.

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