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on planning days

I hate to admit it, but Heather was right about all her painstaking "daily goals" things. I've been so fucking spinning my wheels at work and at home, and it's because there is just so much to do, and so much I've put off, and some stuff is so late now that I am just dreading even starting any of it.

I may be setting myself up for failure here, but I am going to resolve to do some things tomorrow, just to start out. One of the tricks in Heather's little book was to make all tasks be roughly equal. So instead of "figure out how to test the VM1 box" I have to say something like, hm... "decide on where to put VM1 box in network so it can be tested incrementally instead of all at once." That's probably a half-hour task or so. My downfall is I know I will get that done and then will just want to proceed on instead of doing other more important things.

So okay, just for you guys, here is what I am going to do tomorrow. I'll report honestly and you should all feel free to berate me if I fail. (I'm needing some support here.)

  • 6:30 test time
  • Make those four personal calls and one personal fax
  • Write job descriptions for my four employees
  • Figure out how to test VM1 in parallel and make fiber connections in Node 1 for it.
  • Establish basic connectivity for VM1 box.
  • Gather all income tax info in one place.
  • Do a 15% fishtank waterchange.

Damn, that's a long list. But I was tempted to make it even longer. That's my fucking problem. This list is daunting enough as it is and I wanted to add to it.

Okay, seven things. Come on, Charley, this is not that fucking hard.



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