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on incomplete things

Dammit. I came home from a successful date night to a ton of work that I really didn't need.

Two guys at work were reinstalling a machine I have several important applications on. "All done," they said, after I had left work today. "It's more or less running and ready to go."

Except it isn't working, like at all. I found a zillion things wrong, a lot of which I could fix myself, but some of which I either can't do or would screw up their particular install paradigm if I did.

I sent a couple of impatient-sounding emails, and I hope someone else will be working this weekend.

But, good stuff for today was getting to hang out on the couch at ER with Becca, freshly back from Canada, and a really fine date night with the wife, including a really surprisingly good meal at a local bar and grill (but can you call a place that serves pan-seared scallops in an orange glaze with roasted vegetables and tomato miso a "bar and grill"?). And she had a nice surprise for me, too, woo! So the evening wasn't a total loss.

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