February 1st, 2002


Keys, and serendipity

So yesterday my entire day was ruined by the fact that I lost my keys. I was ten minutes early for the bus, not rushed like usual, feeling good about myself, and then I couldn't find my keys. I HATE losing my keys, and this wrecked my mood for the whole day.

The irony of it is that 1. my keys were exactly where I thought I had put them (my coat pocket), and 2. therefore even as I lamented my stupidity and forgetfulness in losing my keys, they were just an inch from my sorry ass the whole time.

Turns out, there is a tiny hole in my coat pocket. I can't even put more than the tip of my finger through it, but somehow my keys managed, as if they were sentient, to worm their way through into the lining of my coat.

So I'm LESS embarrassed today than I was yesterday. But I mean honestly: I searched all day for something that was on my person the whole time?


it's the day for finding things

Well my wrist guards turned up in the hall closet after being lost for almost a year. I was just about to buy a new pair for spring skating, too.

I hope this comes in threes.
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