February 9th, 2002


on apprehension, and being alone

So the wife submitted her final rankings for internships.

  1. University of South Florida, Tampa
  2. University of Washington, Seattle
  3. Yale University, New Haven
  4. New Mexico State University, Albuquerque
  5. University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago
  6. Medical University of South Carolina, Columbia

So basically, nothing close enough for weekly visits until #5. But she's no slouch, and she's exceedingly likely to get snatched up by one of the first two or three in the matching process. Realistically, she'll probably get her #1 choice.

Tampa wouldn't be so bad, I guess. It's warm there, and there are beaches, and plenty to do, and it's close enough that I could visit once a month or so, either by flying commercially, flying one of the Archers, or even driving. Personally, Seattle would suck. No way to get there except nervewracking airline flights, it's often cold and miserable there, and she has "history" there i.e. former girlfriends. That last shouldn't bother me as much as it is, I realize. New Haven would be good; it's as close as Tampa and while the weather sucks, there ARE nice beaches, plus Gina is close by and any excuse to see her is a good one.

The rest are not likely, so I haven't thought too much about them. She has, of course, agonized over the ordering herself, and since she had lots of factors to weigh where I only have one, I'm sure it was a difficult process for her.

Match Day is February 25th. It's going to be a long wait, but then I can proceed to visualizing what the year apart is going to be like. I'm much less scared of it than I was, and having a small and fragile (but wonderful) set of friends here, or very near here, will be a big help.

I'm going to need more than ONE person to hold hands with, though. I'm going to be terribly touch-starved, and that worries me.

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