February 11th, 2002


on friends

Seems like the value of a friendship is both the support we get from our friends, and also the degree of satisfaction we get in "successfully" supporting them. I guess by that last I mean knowing that we can really help our friends sometimes, when they need it, or are depressed, or something.

I mention this because I always get this sad helpless feeling when one of my friends is down, and I'm unable to magically make it all better, or offer that one bit of sage advice that they hadn't thought of. I guess sometimes being a friend is just being by someone's side, listening to them, and quietly sympathizing. But dammit, I want results.

Maybe I'm still just too unsure of myself to believe that I'm a good friend. A little feedback would help, but one can't really ask that of someone who's in a funk. "Am I helping? Am I being a good friend?"

Seems like trust might figure into this somehow, too.

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