February 13th, 2002


on shrove tuesday, and loci of connections

I am blessed with connectedness.

Melanie, newest proto-friend, showed up despite assurances she wouldn't. She remembered last week's conversation and thanked me for it.

Anne was there, with a backrub and a very silly rearrangement of my hair which I was at first very self-conscious of but then decided to keep as a proud display of the warm wacky relationship we have. I love her and it suddenly dawns on me: she is one of my oldest friends. I've been through a lot with her and vice versa.

Paul, who (re-)taught me to play guitar, appeared with the wonderful news that he is a new dad. Politically, he's way, way left, and often hard for me to access, but we found common ground in discussions of terrorism, capitalism, love, public performance, Gina, and the future.

Wendy heard me as I reassured her about her performance at her quals.

I shared smiles, touches, hugs, and handshakes with several other people tonight. It was what everything should always be about with other people, and I arrived home with a warm smile and a calm centeredness.

There were two people I missed seeing tonight. One I didn't really expect to be there, but the other I really did.

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