February 16th, 2002


on really excellent concerts

Tonight was Date Night. The life-partner heard on The Whip that Voices on the Verge (Jess Klein, Erin McKeown, Rose Polenzani, and Beth Amsel) were performing tonight in Bloomington. Tickets were $10 but true to WWHP form, they said "you want tickets? We got a bunch, just give us a call." So we wound up with two free tickets for "winning the call-in contest" which apparently consisted of just picking up the phone, calling them, and saying we wanted to go.

I was a little cranky about it at first, because I was tired and wasn't looking forward to racing around after work, getting the dogs taken care of, getting dinner, and then driving an hour. But I got over that fairly quickly.

And man, I would not have wanted to miss this. Four amazing voices, four really great (and different) personalities, and some awesome music. I actually missed the gist of several songs because I was so entranced by watching the guitar-playing.

Opening for them was a solo folk guy named Andy Stochansky. He was a bit allegorical for me (except for one very amusing song which was basically a fantasy about being in England, walking into a pub, and putting the moves on the Queen who somehow is sitting there at the bar), and his stage personality was awkward, but he was also an excellent guitar player. He may have been thrown slightly off by the woman in the audience who was (loudly) flirting with him between songs. Gag.

We saw Zach and Arun, wayyyy down in front, on the opposite side of the auditorium. We stood in the atrium waiting for them to come out so we could say hi, but they came out the opposite door, with a huge mob between us, and then disappeared out some back door and eluded us. What a couple of ho bags.

What a GREAT night! I'm still whistling some of the melodies, and have the CD on the Audiotron already. A really good folk music experience just makes me, I dunno, love everybody.


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