February 17th, 2002


on being able to not be immature

Tonight we had a double dinner date with my ex-girlfriend and her new husband. She and I had dated for eight years before, well, things just sort of fizzled out.

While she's not one of my super-tight soulmate friends, and our connection is no longer intimate in any way, I do like her, and I'm glad that we managed to avoid much (hm, any, really) messiness during our breakup four years ago, and that there are no bad dynamics now.

It probably helps that I really like her new man, and they seem a good couple. At some point at dinner tonight I started to recall a story of a long-ago dinner date between her and me, then thought to stop myself and ask him "I'm sorry, I hope this is okay..." He just replied "Oh please, I got over all that a LOOOONG time ago." Which was very gracious of him.

There aren't many exes of mine that I particularly care to still hang around at all, so I'm glad this post-breakup friendship seems to have worked out.

Oh and they even picked up the dinner tab, which was NOT cheap since this was a pretty nice place. We will return the favor.

Just one more thing to be thankful about I guess.

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on my best friend, and the gossamer web of connections

Gina's coming to visit!!! In early March!

The bad thing about living in a university town is the itinerancy of the population. Townies such as myself, as long as we continue to hang with the university crowd (which I always have) have to endure more or less constant heartbreak as one after another good friend moves away. Shamefully often, the connections recede and the friendship fades, and we move on to the new arrivals, and find new friends among them.

I think it's one of the better signs of true friendship when a best friend moves away and the connection stays strong, or even grows stronger in a sort of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" operation.

It'll be good to see Gina. Our connection is an unusual, sometimes hard to see one, from my side of it at least, but there's no question that it's present and powerful. Someone remind me some time to retell the dream I had several months ago about paleolinguists and how different their task is depending on whether the script is unknown, the language is unknown, or both.

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