February 27th, 2002


on (slightly) irresponsible fun

So our flight leaves in nine hours. We're not packed yet, the house is only sort of in shape for the house/pet sitter, and I still have several unchecked things on my pre-trip list on my PDA.

All of this because we decided to have a night of irresponsible fun. Screw packing, screw getting to bed on time, let's go SLEDDING! My wife and I and Becca and Elissa gathered at our house and made an impromptu bundling up, finding sleds, and trekking to the (one) good sledding hill in town.

I haven't had such a wacky time in a while. Between the fun wipeouts, the ol' snow-up-the-ass trick, the warming up and drying off and drinking hot tea back at the house, and then the late night trip to Steak&Shake, it was just perfect. I felt very young and alive.

Thanks to you guys who joined us, it was much more with you along!

So now it's time to get back to the packing work. It's going to be a late night and an early rise tomorrow, but it was totally worth it.

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