March 8th, 2002


on being social central

When it rains, it pours, I guess.

This weekend we're hosting an incoming psych PhD student for the weekend while she interviews at the department. Doing this also means we're involved in pizza parties at other students' houses, schmoozing with the psych department faculty tomorrow night (other psych chick spouses apparently avoid this event like the plague, but I never miss it--you want your dysfunctional professor behavior and drunken academic politics, this is the place to see it!)

Then Gina comes to visit!! Tomorrow, and she's staying with us I think Monday and Tuesday night. I hope to spend a lot of time with her.

On top of it all, my other best chick Galia is in town this weekend. She defended her dissertation today (hope she was passed) and there's yet another event to go to tonight to hang out with her.

All that and seeing Becca more than usual this week, and I don't know that I've been alone at all. I'm probably overcompensating for my anticipatory loneliness about this whole Seattle internship thing, now that I think about it. Perhaps I do need some alone time to catch up with myself and my feelings about everything. Besides, it is Lent, after all.

One thing I've learned recently is that I have (everyone has?) a set of internal voices, all expressing an opinion about what I should do and feel. Sometimes they're concordant, sometimes discordant, but it usually pays to at least hear the committee members speak to stay in touch with myself. I don't think I've been doing that lately.

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