March 9th, 2002


on what didn't happen

So apparently a nap was more important than all the new student social events. We both slept through that, then the wife went to "Cosmic Bowling" to celebrate Galia's successful defense (so I guess she's "Dr. Galia" now). I had a bad feeling about it so didn't go, even though they were both being pains about trying to drag me there. Turns out to have been a good choice, too much loud bad dance music and smoking. I would have felt really disconnected and miserable.

Remind me to whine about my dancing thing sometime.

Our houseguest arrived very late, around 12:30am, after having to drive all the way from Detroit. Her flights got all screwed up so she just hopped into her car. She seems nice... a small woman in every way except that she's six feet tall. We chatted politely for a few minutes and then showed her her room since she has a very busy schedule today.

My dog, of course, was very impolite and jumped all over her. I think he still tries to get me chicks as if I were still single.

I am still psyched (no pun intended) about the dinner tonight.

And, I got a bonus this morning in that I got to chat a bit with two of my very best friends.

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(no subject)

Holy shit, man, it was 55 when I left the house this morning so like an idiot I am barefoot and wearing just a flannel over my shirt. Now, three hours later, it is below freezing, with wind gusts of 50mph.

What a dumbass I am. Time to make a mad dash home and then take a nice hot shower.

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DAMMIT my heart is racing

An open letter.

Do not imbed loud obnoxious MIDI files in your Livejournal layout! People with exaggerated startle reflexes who stumble on them, and their cardiac rhythms, will be much less displeased with you. Dammit I'm still not back in normal sinus.

Besides, you're likely to cause their sound cards to step on cool music.

Love is da shit
That makes life bloom
Never know when
You might step in it
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