March 12th, 2002


on protective instincts

A good friend of mine almost got raped the other night. Left her apartment door unlocked (dumb), someone came in, held her down, told her to be quiet, and as she put it, "started things." She screamed and kicked and pushed and they panicked and left.

I suppose it's normal, but I'm feeling quite alarmed at the murderous rage inside me. I having serious fantasies about fucking this guy up.

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most unusual user support email

Sent to the support address for our online student/staff directory.

Subject: (no subject)

Hi well this is sort of a weird thing but i met a guy named ZZZZZZZZ and he goes to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and i was wondering if you knew his email address or phone number because i can not find it and i think i may be pregnant by you can see it is very important for me to find him. If you have any information.....please email me.

Boy, best wishes to her, or something.

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