March 19th, 2002


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I'm trying not to be in a bad mood, really I am.

This cold apparently is mostly defeated, just the yucky parts of blowing tons of snot out and dealing with a congested head now. Yay.

I got a new piece of equipment delivered to me to test out today from one of our vendors. It's going to take a LOT of my time to test, which means a lot of concentration which is one thing I'm really lacking these days.

A "simple" move of my desktop Windows box at work from the old NT domain to the new AD domain caused it to lose my entire desktop, including a folder that held a lot of MP3's. I'm pretty pissed, both at Microsoft and at the staff member here who was telling me "type this... now type this..."

I still have employee evals to do. I really cannot put it off any longer. Oh well. Better dig into that tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and income taxes. Need to dig into those too.

I'll stop now, this is turning into my To-Do-List of Things That Suck. I just need some time to relax, and it's hard to do that when there are so many things on the list to get done.

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