March 21st, 2002


on completing things

Hey, I did everything on my list! I'm proud of myself!

Tomorrow is a meeting-laden day, including a fucking "venture capital" lunch that somehow I got talked into going to. Whee. So I am going to make a shorter list for tomorrow, that I may continue to get the entire list done.

  • Reload boxes for 7.5.2b.
  • Get BGP up between VM1 and the core.
  • Plane tickets for SJC.
  • Order CCIE books.
  • Get someone (who?) to approve the job descriptions.
  • Make four copies of the stupid eval form and start filling them out.
  • Check on gush after its reinstall.
  • Audit the 500-series VLANs to see what else is needed.
  • Take first shot at filling out tax form input sheet.

Okay, that's actually more tasks, but they're shorter. Honest.

This is improving my mood, though, which is a hell of a relief. I was starting to get a panicky drowny feeling, from everything piling up around me. I think it's a vicious circle... the more behind I get, the more frozen I get and I'm unable to start anything, so I fall further behind and get more panicky and underwater.

I wonder how many times I'll have to learn this lesson. *sigh*

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