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March 23rd, 2002

on incomplete things

Dammit. I came home from a successful date night to a ton of work that I really didn't need.

Two guys at work were reinstalling a machine I have several important applications on. "All done," they said, after I had left work today. "It's more or less running and ready to go."

Except it isn't working, like at all. I found a zillion things wrong, a lot of which I could fix myself, but some of which I either can't do or would screw up their particular install paradigm if I did.

I sent a couple of impatient-sounding emails, and I hope someone else will be working this weekend.

But, good stuff for today was getting to hang out on the couch at ER with Becca, freshly back from Canada, and a really fine date night with the wife, including a really surprisingly good meal at a local bar and grill (but can you call a place that serves pan-seared scallops in an orange glaze with roasted vegetables and tomato miso a "bar and grill"?). And she had a nice surprise for me, too, woo! So the evening wasn't a total loss.

spring cleaning

Ugh, we found evidence of mice in the house.

So we took apart the entire kitchen and cleaned it, and then put it back together. It looks as good as it ever has, now. But it doesn't look like we spent the hours on it that we did. But hey, we know it's cleaner!

All this cleaning stuff reminds me of just how messy this house gets sometimes. I wish I were more the neat freak type, but instead I have this threshold, where I let things go and then at some point just can't stand it and go on a frenzy. I guess it's sorta functional, but I'd much rather have the house be pristine all the time. I'm probably spoiled on my childhood home, which was always immaculate. Of course, it was also kind of dead and emotionally shut down, which is why nothing ever happened in it to mess it up.

Now we're tired and hungry. And we're supposed to have dinner later with some friends visiting town for the weekend. But jeez, I wish they'd call.

The aforementioned totally broken machine is getting better. They're fixing things. But there are still a couple of things the matter with it... missing binaries, not-quite-right include directories. Must be vigilant.



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