March 27th, 2002


on studying

I've been out of school so long, it's been forever since I actually had to study for something. It's odd how hard it is for me to remember how to do.

In just a couple of weeks I have to fly to San Jose for the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam. The CCIE is the most difficult of Cisco's certifications, and they say that 70% fail the lab exam on their first try. I'm hoping not to be in that statistic.

The first part of the test was a written exam, which I passed, not exactly with flying colors, back in August. I didn't study terribly much for it, hence the low passing score.

I have some things to my advantage for this lab exam. Being a right-brainer, I tend to think intuitively rather than analytically. This means that as long as I understand something to begin with, I am very very fast with it. My long experience with Cisco equipment will help too. And they say that the biggest thing people run into trouble with is the time limit.

Working against me are the handful of things that will no doubt be on the test that I'm not so familiar with because they're not in use on our network so I have little experience with them except book-learning. EIGRP, Frame Relay, and DLSW, for instance.

The solution seems easy; just get some experience with these things in the next couple of weeks, practice some, and read up. But that's where this studying thing comes in, and dang is it hard for me to get into the studying groove. Always some distraction or another.

I've been working in forest-fire mode for so long at this job, I almost have no idea anymore what it's like to sit down for a few hours and work on ONE thing.

I'll be asking for thoughts and positive energy as the big test day approaches, no doubt.

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