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March 30th, 2002

Mar. 30th, 2002

I'm in the far western suburbs of Chicago this weekend, visiting my mom for Easter. There are Things we need to talk about, that never got said when I was growing up because we were a shutdown, unemotional family. I've become much more expressive and emotionally available lately, and I sense since my dad died, my mom has been taking some steps in that direction as well. So it seems like we need to commence a new level of family relationship.

But it's scary as hell, and neither of us wants to do more than make furtive hints about it, or write cathartic letters to one another.

on studying

I'm reading a study book for the CCIE test in two weeks. There's a lot, a lot, that I need to either bone up on, memorize anew, or just plain learn from scratch. I'm daunted.

My wife asked me tonight if I had any study skills. Why, no, I don't think I do. She gave me a couple of ideas, and I think I will try some of them. Otherwise I don't have any mechanism for even pretending to fit this 1500-page book into my brain.

weather conspiracies

Dammit, yesterday downstate it was cloudy and in the 40's while it was sunny and almost 60 up here in Chicago. Today, when I'm up here, it's sunny but only in the upper 40's, and supposed to be sunny and almost 60 back home downstate!

Then it's supposed to get back into the 20's and 30's next week. I just can't win. Warm weather will not come too soon for me.

Becca's dad should, like, do something about this.

At least Lent is almost over.



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