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April 4th, 2002

on rollercoaster days

So I decided to get up early this morning because I planned on spending the morning off at a cafe studying for the CCIE exam. I figured the prospect of breakfast out with the wife would be motivating.

Except the diner we wanted to go to was closed until 9 (they're closing permanently soon, which sucks in and of its own right), so we had to go to another place, which really wasn't very good. Diners can either have a good personality, good staff, or good food, and this place had none of that. And the non-smoking section was the one table we were sitting at, as far as we could tell.

So I took the bus to work from downtown instead of by my house as usual, so I was at an actual bus stop instead of just waiting on the corner. Thus there were other people standing there waiting for busses with me.

And one of them apparently had a heart attack while we were standing there. Several of us had cell phones, but a woman had hers out first so she made the 911 call while the rest of us stood around feeling useless. She agreed to stay with the man until the paramedics arrived, so the rest of us got on our busses (by this time there were three busses waiting there, with all the drivers out gawking and looking useless like the rest of us) and left.

Talk about your twitchy starts to the day.

But I did spend those three hours studying. I reviewed the various IP routing protocols, which I actually know fairly well, so it was not easy to keep my mind on it. But Becca visited me briefly twice between her classes, which were perfect-length breaks, and I had strong coffee, and the intensity of the other studiers around me made it not too bad.

Then I got to work faced with those pesky employee performance reviews. They're done now, just need to have the face-to-face meetings which I am positively dreading. I don't honestly feel "superior" to my employees, even though I'm their "superior," so it's very difficult for me to imagine saying to them things like "well, you do good work, but your performance in this area is lacking" or whatever. Just doesn't feel right.

And I forgot to call the dentist again today, sigh.



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