April 5th, 2002


(no subject)

Mysql isn't cooperating with me tonight. Not one tiny bit, no.

I gave myself a nasty rope burn from the dog leash while walking Ajay tonight. It hurts, a lot.

I mailed my flight instructor something about club business, and also asked him when we could go flying. He answered the club business issue (at great length), but ignored the second request.

My wife, ever the methodogist, gave me an apparently-very-famous test of androgyny, the "Bem Androgyny Test". I came out "near-feminine" in the result. Actually, no big surprise there; my personality is considerably feminine (which is not to say female). Her "feminine" score was about equal to mine but her "masculine" score was much higher. I guess this means we're in some kind of cross-gendered, lesbian relationship. Okay, I might buy that.

I can feel my anxiety ramping up towards flying commercially again. Alone this time. On a 767.

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