April 6th, 2002


good date nights

Not bad. Date night began with a short nap, then meeting the latest PhD in clinical psychology for his victory celebration (two beers). Then dinner at a local faux-snazzy place (one glass of wine) and then a birthday party at the house of one of the Alliterative Girls (several more glasses of wine).

Good socialization, honest and true things to celebrate, and good people to be with. I'm just a LITTLE BIT woozy, but hey, it's Friday.

Personal to obfuscate: your beloved psych TA was at the birthday party, and made it abundantly clear that he really, really loves Sandy.

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on russ meyer

Ever seen Beyond the Valley of the Dolls? That is one seriously fucked-up movie. Nevermind the usual Russ Meyer overdone drama, bad acting, and worse dialog, this is just plain disturbing. Especially the dark and gratuitously violent/sexual ending.

Not only are there some pretty nasty scenes, but the whole thing, especially after the stern narration at the end, lends a whole sort of morality play air to it all. But just what moral is he trying to espouse here? I'm not sure I want to know.

This is my happening and it freaks me out!

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dammit, again?

This afternoon I started feeling just kind of blah. Spacy, not really able to work, achy, tired, no energy. Other than that (!) I felt fine, so I just assumed I'd been overdoing it and decided to lie down tonight between one social event and another.

After I'd been curled up in bed for a few minutes, I started trying to think when I'd felt like this before. That was the right question to ask, and it gave me a bad idea.

I got up and got a thermometer and stuck it in my mouth. Sure enough, a touch over 100. At least I have an explanation for how I feel now.

Fuck, man, I can't be sick with my CCIE test coming up in six days!!! I wonder what it is and where I got it from. It doesn't seem to be the thing that Becca's down with, and I don't know of anyone at work who's sick at the moment. I just hope I can shake it quickly.

So it's bundle up in bed with blankets, down comforters, laptop, space heater, and TV remote. *sigh*

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