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April 26th, 2002

aw, cute

Taking this was almost an afterthought after walking her to class, but I like it because it's one of those "you can tell we're best friends" pictures. Plus, the cherry blossoms are really pretty.

(sheesh, it helps to use <IMG> instead of <A> when trying to display a picture. get another cup of coffee dude.)


on incompetent management

So the bad news today is that Sean, our excellent network security guy, is leaving. He gave two weeks' notice today.

This is a huge blow, because in under a year he managed to undo a lot of the bad reputation my department got with students. He had a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is attitude towards the various things dorm kids would do that were in violation of university policy or federal or state laws. He would even counsel kids who "couldn't stop" the file sharing habit, suggesting they talk to an addiction specialist at the Counseling Center. (I'm sure Kate would love that, having written a book chapter dealing with, in part, the possible myth of "Internet Addiction".)

But in the end, I blame our upper management, who didn't give him sufficient latitude to do the job in the way he saw fit (and that was working well) and who basically differed strongly with him on the right attitude to take when dealing with students. "These children need to be instructed and educated in the evil ways of trading copyrighted material!" he would be told. "No they don't, they need to be told to knock this shit off because it's hard on the network and generates cease-and-desist letters. Leave the fucking moral argument out of it, the kids aren't trying to hear that."

Bah. I suppose now we'll go back to our old ways of bringing kids who run Gnutella up here to sit on someone's knee and listen to a patronly lecture on how to be a good little boy or girl. I predict the firebomb threats will resume.



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