May 4th, 2002


on nice weekend days and streams of consciousness

I totally should be outside today, not only because I have a ton of yard work to do but it's a beautiful day. Mid 60's, not a cloud in the sky, little wind, got the windows open.

But I'm feeling a little lazy because of the huge meal we had this morning. Kate made roast beef hash using leftovers from yesterday's BBQ and some other crap we had in the refrigerator, and it was completely awesome. "Good cook" wasn't really on the list of musts for my life partner, but holy cow, did I luck out. Kate can cook some of the most amazing meals. And even more amazing when she uses seemingly useless leftovers and scraps.

I have to remember to call my flight instructor tomorrow so we can schedule a time to go up. I feel a list coming on.

Speaking of flying, we got word from our maintenance officer today that one of the planes is grounded because a preflight revealed that it is missing a main gear fairing bolt!! This is one of the bolts that attaches the landing gear to the main wing spar and obviously very critical. I got a chill when I realized that someone had probably landed the plane with that bolt missing. Yow! But I suppose like everything else in an airplane, there is some redundancy there.

Richard and Laura were over for a little BBQ last night. I think they will become good friends. Laura especially: she has more joie de vivre than anyone I've met in recent memory. We ate too much and some of us drank too much, which I'm sure contributed to the lazy and decadent (yum!) morning today.

Hm, I seem to have missed Becca today. I hope her final went well.

Hey! That's right! Kate and I have a second date night tonight! Thursday's meal out was a bit too full of process and emotion to really qualify as "entertaining." But it's all stuff we have to work through. This upcoming year-long separation is really, really starting to make both of us nervous, and various anxieties come out, both directly and indirectly related. But if there's anything we can do well, it's talk about issues and work them out. I wouldn't turn down good luck wishes, though. This is going to be hard.

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memo to self

I must remember that when Kate shouts "Sports bra and short shorts!" from her office, that I need to look out my own office window immediately lest I miss the eye candy running by on the sidewalk. Dammit.

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