May 9th, 2002

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on weather not as forecast and other uncertainties

This is sort of the story of my aviation life: weather that isn't as forecast; even from a forecast issued only 12 hours before.

KCMI 091353Z 28021G27KT 7SM BKN006 OVC012 13/11 A2982

Last night they were calling for 3000 foot ceilings by 5am, clearing to scattered clouds by 10am. Instead we get a 600 foot ceiling. And wind even worse than forecast last night. And the new TAF says "nyeah nyeah, this isn't clearing up until 5pm, and the wind won't die down until 10pm!"

This I think is one of the biggest reasons why I don't fly for long periods. It's just god-awful stressful for a guy like me who "just wants to know what's going to happen" to try to schedule flights when, of course, I can't control the weather or even predict it with any kind of accuracy. It only adds to my stress level, which is unpleasant, of course, and that in turn makes me avoidant.

I love the flying part so much though; this avoidance is really not very functional.

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on working from home, NOT

Well, piss.

I left work earlyish so as to meet Kate for coffee on the way home, figuring while she was off at her grad student soiree, I'd finish a couple of things up.

So first I stick the Visio CD from work so I can do some engineering drawing on my big machine at home. Start the installer, type in the serial number, and whoops! This is an upgrade install. No older copy of Visio here at home, so there goes that big idea.

So then I figure I will do some pre-config on the new DMZ router we have, a sexy Foundry VM1 with sixteen gigabit Ethernet ports. Except it claims it has none, and won't let me configure any. Apparently Foundry boxes only recognize an interface as "there" if it has a GBIC plugged into it. There goes that big idea.

So I guess I will get a beer, chat with Becca, and get out my guitar to see if I can work out the bass line to song I want to learn. Except it's a girl folk song. I always feel funny singing girl folk songs.

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