May 20th, 2002


on work as a distraction

I got kind of jealous of Kate tonight; this moving away thing doesn't seem to be hitting her as hard as it has been me. She says this is because it's easy for her to ignore emotions when she's very busy. Which, of course, she is. But I'm pretty busy too, and all that happens is my work piles up and doesn't get done because I'm often moping or distracting myself with trivialities. I should work on that; I note how little has gotten done on my to-do lists.

Kate leaves tomorrow at noon for Seattle to find housing and explore. I won't see her until next Wednesday in Boston, where we'll meet back up for a friend's wedding. My goal is to fly to Boston, thus avoiding having to make a two-day car trip and also getting us back home a day earlier. To make this goal possible, I need to do the ground exercises my flight instructor assigned me, and email him to schedule an additional flight. At least the weather should be good next week.

9am meeting, and it's late.

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