May 23rd, 2002


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I haven't had too bad a day, I guess.

I had to dress considerably nicer for work than I normally would have, since I got to take Senior Editor of Network World, Carolyn Duffy Marsan, on a tour of one of our telecommunication nodes. It's interesting how much my dread of dealing with the press is due to the relative ineptitude of the campus and town journalists, and what a pleasant surprise it is to deal with a professional journalist such as Ms. Marsan. She appeared engaged and interested, and asked relevant questions.

I ran home to mow my lawn since it was supposed to rain, but then it never did. Oh well, I at least got a chance to change into much more comfortable clothes.

There's a BBQ at some friends' house tonight, so I get some social time. Interesting how much of my time I can fill up with people when I try. I always think I have kind of a drab social life, but I think that must be my own fault; when I seek them out there always plenty of things to do.

I do not get to fly to New England: turns out my flight instructor is on vacation this week, so we will be unable to complete my recertification until next week, but by then I'll already be gone. Grump. It has been kind of windy here anyway.

BUT! It's warm (over 80 degrees), and mostly sunny. which always makes me feel happy.

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