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June 9th, 2002

Becca's sister is cool

Kate and I got invited to a party thrown by Becca's mom. I guess most of the invitees were rich stuffy friends, so Becca and her sister and her aunt and uncle formed our own "cooler" party faction on the back deck. We had a really good time, stayed MUCH longer than I would have figured.

We got to chat with Becca's sister a lot. She's an interesting character, although I suppose anyone pursuing a PhD in Slavic Languages and being interested in "Camp Literature" (as in Concentration) would have to be interesting. She spent a year in Poland on a fellowship, and gave me a bottle of Patchouli and Kate a bottle of Sandalwood (our two favorite scents). They're really good goopy essential oils, too, the kind you can't get in the US anymore. But the best part about them was the labels on the boxes!

I went up in an Archer today, with a different instructor. Excellent as he was, I just can't get the new instructor Aaron to return phone calls or emails. So I had to start all over with the BFR process with my old instructor, who is very busy but was nice enough to find time this weekend. All the practice I did with Aaron was still fresh, though, so I more or less breezed through things. I need to do the ground school piece still, and then I should be a real pilot again! Of course it's supposed to storm all this week, typical midwestern summer weather.

Kate and I had a small BBQ for about ten friends tonight, both to show off her mom and aunt who are visiting, and to start Kate's goodbye process. The food was a great success, although we had to have the help of about three of the party guests getting it all ready. Another thing I always underestimate is how long it will take to prepare food. The best part is that it was a "self-sustaining" party, in that both Kate and I could leave the back patio for a while, and people would keep talking to each other. It was mostly Kate's friends from Psychology, plus her mom and aunt and Becca.

I'm tired. I always get extra tired after a party. I guess it's either nervous host energy wearing me out, or just that socializing is still difficult for me to the point that it takes extra energy to keep it up, and then I'm exhausted later.



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