August 21st, 2002


on doing well?

So I presented my venerable "Introduction to PERL" two-hour tutorial today. I swear, I have given this thing so many times that I feel like I'm just walking to work or something. I got good comments afterwards from several people, though, and the eval forms had no marks less than "good", and the people who marked the presentation "good" and the material "good" usually still marked "excellent" for "speaker quality."

I have no idea why I so doubt my speaking and teaching abilities. I refuse to believe that I'm not mediocre at it, and then I have experiences like this.

Tomorrow is the presentation I have never given before, the one I wrote just a few weeks ago. We'll see how that goes. I'm not sure if I'm targeting the right audience.

The dinner/party outing tonight was a huge fiasco. Too much fucking around waiting for various people to arrive, too much beer drinking and BSing before deciding what we were going to do and where, and then too long getting there, and all the restaurants were closed. Just typical for this crowd. Thankfully, I ate pretty well earlier so I wasn't very hungry, so I was just irritated and not also really desperate for a meal.

I miss Kate, I miss Rebecca, I miss Ajay, I miss my own bed. Time to start thinking about going home.

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on insufficient faith in technology

I just now discovered, quite by accident, that here in the comfort of my hotel room I have a barely-usable signal on the conference wireless network. It's hard to believe, being 16 storeys of hotel away from where the AP is located. But I am directly above it, and my theory is that the signal is bouncing off the hotel across the street and then scattering into my room.

Typical for my luck, I discovered this just an hour before I'm due to speak, and three hours before the entire conference is over and everything gets torn down. And I have spent hours down in the conference lounge working earlier today. Oh well, it's not THAT uncomfortable down there, there is free coffee, people mostly leave me alone, and I can get away with dressing fairly casually. Still, to think I coulda been websurfing naked this whole time... *smacks head*

My last conference duty is in about 50 minutes, an hour long session on CGI and DBI. Then I get to help pack up the lab, consume more free food and beer, hopefully hang out with some people, and then get ready to head home tomorrow.

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