September 3rd, 2002


oh dear lord

Kathy has a friend over and they're watching the final episode of American Idol. They're being most catty and it's somewhat entertaining but not sufficient to counterbalance the incredible cheese that I'm being subjected to by my own TV.

I think I'm glad I have to leave in a few minutes to get my new guitar, and then find some pizza and beer with Matt.

Okay, so I'm not as irritated as I sound, but it seems like American Idol is one of those things that you just gotta either love or hate, and it's clear what camp I'm in. Kathy insists that the people watching this show are all shrieking 12-year-old girls plus her and her friend Drea.

"Okay so we're not twelve years old but WE LOVE YOU KELLY!! --my roommate

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    Kelly Clarkson singing (okay she's not THAT bad)