September 5th, 2002

love like

a long exhausting week

For various reasons, this has been an exhausting week:

  • Kate and I have been emotionally tiring each other out, struggling with our connection and various "what next" and "who are we" issues.
  • The students are back, there isn't enough net bandwidth, and somehow I'm the bad guy.
  • I'm sleeping really irregularly.
  • I really need to start studying for the CCIE exam again, but I am suffering a bad case of avolition. Same reason my lawn isn't getting mowed.

On the brighter side, I've had some good meetings with friends this week, lunch with Patrick today, pizza and beer with Matt Tuesday, I got to see a bunch of psych people over the weekend, and Kathy's been here this whole week so the house feels really lived-in.

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