October 4th, 2002


crazy allergies

I wish I knew why every now and then, my hayfever will just go all out and attack me. I spent all day today feeling like I was drowning, and going on several massive sneezing fits. I took a lot of antihistamine and decongestant but none of it apparently did any good.

And now my body is exhausted from reacting all day, sneezing, and being stuffy. Phew. I'm glad Kate reminded me to make a cup of tea, it was a wonderful before-bed thing. Hopefully this exhaustion will mean I can sleep easily.

The book that Kate has a chapter in has finally been published; she got her gratis copy in the mail today. I read the table of contents and introduction and felt so proud of her!

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I hate busy work

A big part of my second job is now creating and deleting DNS entries, and making tedious changes (by hand) to the SQL database that drives the network management software I wrote for them. I really hate doing this and procrastinate to the point of irritating them.

This really needs to stop, but to automate all this will take a lot of uninterrupted coding time, which I don't seem to be able to come up with these days. I'm also scared of ripping into software I wrote over a year ago and is working just fine. I really hate breaking things. This is the same reason I never undertake home repair projects if there's any initial demolition work to be done. I'm too scared that once I "break" something, I won't be able to get it fixed the way I need to.

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what are webcams good for?

I get too self-conscious having it point at me. Is that unusual? It turned out to be a nice day this afternoon so I just pointed it out my window at the park across the street.

I'm not narcissistic, but I keep looking at it and thinking jeez, I should be using it for SOMETHING.

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