October 7th, 2002


on my town being invaded

So tonight was Monday Night Football, Bears vs. Packers, right here in my town, only a mile from my house. This was so fascinating that I watched the game, something I don't often do. I must say that Brett Favre is pretty impressive. But I couldn't get over the aerial shots of the stadium, when the surrounding view was so familiar. Wow, that's IMPE! That's Florida Avenue! That's that parking lot across from the cemetary! I kept wanting to be able to say "Hey! I can see my house from up here!" but they never panned that far off, obviously, and it was night anyway. Oh well.

I just hope the packers fans aren't trashing campustown right now.

The mass infusion of both Chicago and Green Bay fans to this town completely overwhelmed it. All four main north-south streets through campus were completely packed with crawling cars heading southbound towards Florida Avenue. The backup went almost a mile and maybe further to the north. Through this my bus home had to slowly crawl, resulting in my 7-minute ride taking 35 minutes. I would have gotten out and walked, except the people in the cars were very rowdy and probably drunk, and were leaning way out the windows to jeer and yell at the undergrad girls trying to walk home to their dorms. Kind of gross, so I just stayed in the bus.

The most incredible sight was seeing several kind of grubby-looking, pot-bellied men walking through campus town, openly drinking beer out of bottles! Geez, if this were a Friday night and they were Frat boys, the cops would have snagged them in an instant! Definitely scary. Kathy said the bars across from the psych building were pretty insane starting about 3:30.

I'm tired. Didn't sleep well last night. Hopefully I can make it to bed right around midnight and get a reasonable 7 hours or so.

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