October 12th, 2002


on discombobulated Fridays

Well, what a fractured day. Work was typical, except I was kind of proud to have written the two documents I needed to write. No major network issues, and I'm not on call this week anyway. I did get to work kind of late, and came home late, because my sleep schedule has settled on about 3am-9:30am lately. I must do something about that. At home I started in on some programming I need to do but was too scattered and distracted by the TV to make much of an inroad. I program best with the radio on.... silence drives me nuts and the TV captures too much of my attention.

I remembered far too late that it was Friday, and so I should be planning something relaxing. Kathy's husband and their two dogs were supposed to come tonight, but at the last minute he decided to stay in Indianapolis until tomorrow, so that left Kathy kind of demoralized and my own plans kind of shifted around. So we went out to dinner, and had real meat at a local BBQ place.

I liked talking to her about our parents. For such a party girl on the outside, she still has that super insightful and sensitive psych chick going on, and I really like that.

My house continues to fall apart. Must finish that list of phone calls that Kathy volunteered to make.

Becca was supposed to come visit this weekend but I haven't heard from her since this afternoon. I hope that plan is still on.

See? Discombobulated day, discombobulated LJ entry. I'll become more organized tomorrow.

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