October 30th, 2002


holy shit, when does THIS happen in corporate America?

I just got my on-line phone bill. It said a "payment of $0.00" would be made automatically, which I didn't think could be right, so I checked out all my banking and electronickal payment data, and it was all right, so I went to look at the bill itself. It says I have a $25.61 credit. I was all confused, since I pay my bill online, how could I have overpaid? I looked closer at the bill, and I find this line item:

Other Charges and Credits 
This section of your bill reflects charges and credits resulting from 
account activity. 
  1.    SBC Ameritech Merger Savings. 
        See the 'News You Can Use' 
        section for details.                                     43.66 CR 

Whoa! The details say "Your current phone bill includes a one-time SBC and Ameritech Illinois merger savings credit of $43.66 plus applicable taxes for each eligible access line. Each residential line and business lines of 4 and less are eligible for the credit as required by the Illinois Commerce Commission."

Since when does THAT happen? Big corporate mergers cause cash payouts to the little guy?

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early to bed, sort of

I have to start my day off tomorrow with a 90 minute drive so I'm going to bed now. Later than I wanted but I SwEAR I am going straight to sleep. Tomorrow is an all-day meeting of the Advanced Engineering Taskforce of the Illinois Century Network, and I want to be able to pay attention.

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