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November 19th, 2002

Visits, IV

On Wednesday I drove up to my mom's to drop off Ajay, and then took a train into the city to meet up with Kate.

I forgot how much I love Chicago! From the time I got off the train, in the bustling station alive with the rumbling of diesel-electric engines, I felt an extra charge of energy. It was evening, and the air was crisp and damp from the Lake, and I even got giddy walking across the river. It made me think again that, you know, I really WOULDN'T mind living in the city.

I found Kate at her conference hotel, the Palmer House, and we walked to where she was staying, relaxed a bit, went over her presentation, and then had dinner in the Loop.

Thursday bright and early was her presentation, her first ever at an academic conference. I thought she did a great job, notwithstanding all her worry and anxiety over it. And she got approached afterwards by other researchers wielding their cards and saying "I'd like a copy of your research." That had to be good and I was very proud of her.

We had breakfast at the Artist's Cafe on Michigan, did a little shopping, and then went back to the conference. I (obviously) was not a conference attendee, but tagged along to a presentation by one of the other psych grad students, keeping a respectul distance and not participating. I ran into some other people I was glad to be able to say hi to, and then we walked through the miserable rain back to Northwestern Station to get the outbound train back to my mom's.

I didn't make any more trips downtown, even though Kate did, on Friday and Saturday, to attend more conference things. I enjoyed my time alone with my dog, and did some thinking and relaxing.

on dumb TV

So this TV show "What Were You Thinking" is featuring a guy who stops fan blades with his tongue. Pretty unsettling, especially because they included the sound. But it's kind of old hat with him so he's wondering out loud if his next step up would be an airplane propeller. Yeah, I definitely want to be there for that.

And this is The Learning Channel, for God's sake.



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