December 4th, 2002


on full houses

So Kathy's dogs have these really nasty treats which are dried fish skins. Ajay's been given a couple, too. They smell gross and give the dogs bad breath, and when the they're done chewing them up they leave behind a pile of fish scales that then have to be vacuumed up.

Twice now, Ajay has gotten up on the counter to pull down the entire bag, which he then shares with the other two dogs, and then Kathy and I have to hunt around the house finding where they've all been buried. After the second time, Kathy gave up and threw the whole bag of them into the trash.

I know dogs like stinky things, but some treat ideas go beyond the limits of good taste.

And I knew it had to happen eventually... Kathy and I wound up showering at the same time this morning. I was surprised at how well the house plumbing and hot water heater held up, but it still wasn't very pleasant for either of us. Come to think of it, this could never have happened before in my life because I've never had a roommate in a place with more than one bathroom ever before.

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