December 5th, 2002

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didn't ANYONE have a good day?

So today among my various friends...

One of them just got her heart broken because she was all crushed out on someone and thought things were going well, only to be introduced to the person's girlfriend.

Another is having to choose between existing love and new love, and is unhappy at having to re-examine some values and perspectives about relationships.

Yet another was suddenly hit with a $4500 attorney fee from his bitch ex-wife, which will cause his family's Christmas to be considerably leaner than planned.

I just found out that yet another friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend.

And finally, I found out today that someone else got rear-ended in their car over the weekend, and is now laid up at home sucking down Vicodin because of the resulting whiplash and extreme back pain.

It makes me feel positively guilty to have had, well, a more or less ho-hum day.

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All these nasty dried fish skin dog treats are causing Ajay to let loose with some REALLY nasty farts. For sure: he's sleeping in his crate tonight, not up on the bed with me.

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from KCMI to KTIP

Flying club meeting tonight, at the planes' new digs at a small airport about 10 miles north of the big Champaign airport. We didn't have quorum so couldn't conduct any business. So I just ran through the officer reports and then we went poking around the airport some.

We moved the planes here because the FBO at CMI got kind of too big and corporate to consider us as good customers any more. I mean, maintenance, fuel, and hangaring of three Archers was getting them a fair chunk of change, but certainly nothing compared to what they could get by ass-kissing the owners of the two Falconjet 900's that have been occupying the hangar our planes used to be in. So now here we are at a small-time airport.

The good thing about this is that now WE are the big-time customers. The president of the FBO attended our meeting tonight, made sure we are being attended to, and gave us a tour of the facility. We then went out to the T-hangars which are the new homes for our planes. And boy are they nice. HUGE, spotless, with free power and electric doors. I'm not really looking forward to pulling a plane out of a hangar on a cold winter day, but it seems a small price to pay for having them inside and sheltered, and getting cheaper gas and friendly, attentive service from the airport staff.

One big downside is that this airport has relatively shoddy instrument approaches, so the weather will have to be nicer in order to land here as compared to Champaign. This has several of the high-powered IFR flyers in the club really upset, but I kind of think it's an over-reaction. It's a definite negative, to be sure, but hardly the end of the world.

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