December 12th, 2002


on whining about this time of the year

My roommate is a mess. Her dog is sick and not acting herself, and it's stressing her out and making her upset. I guess the dog had her up all night last night, pacing and whining, but then sleeps all day. And she has to go out to pee, like every ten minutes, which we've discovered we'd better actually pay attention to or she pees in the house.

And she's trying to grade finals and stay awake and keep her usual cheerful face on, and get ready to leave town for a wedding in Texas next week. It's just all making the house stress level even higher than it already is with my own bad mood of late.

It's a bad time of the year, this is. Academic stress abounds for me, which I get indirectly from my friends being stressed out about finals and projects and grading, and from having to take even more care than usual to keep the network running as well as possible. And it's near the winter solstice, so it's dark all the time, which just makes me tired and avoidant. And it's consistently cold out now, so I don't get as much fresh air as I should.