December 30th, 2002


CD head games

I was ripping a CD so I could play it on the Audiotron and noticed the encoding script was off by one... it was trying to encode and label eleven tracks but there were only ten files. Things got really surreal at that point... the ripper program created ten files, when I asked it for the table of contents it said ten, I put the CD in my plain old CD player, and it said ten, but there were eleven on the label, and the liner notes, and every web discography I could find.

I finally just listened to the whole thing while watching carefully, and discovered that the fourth and fifth songs as listed on the label were combined into one track as stored on the CD. Fortunately a little game with some of the intermediate features of the ripper program split them out for me, but this was still certainly the oddest experience I've had in creating MP3 files. Oh well.

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