January 6th, 2003


more dreams

Between my alarm this morning and when I actually got up, I had a short dream in which I was walking along the side of a two-lane state highway. It was cold, snowy, and muddy, and I was wearing a sheepswool jacket but my pants were made of some very thin, cotton-pajama-type material, and I was barefoot, so I was getting pretty cold from the wind.

I came across a tiny country tavern type place, and decided I could not continue for a bit, I needed to get inside and warm up first. So I went inside and stood at the bar, and the entire back of the bar was a milky glass lit brightly from behind, and all the bottles of booze were on glass shelves against the light, so they were all backlit and it was difficult to see what they were. I also saw some CARROTS hanging from the shelves, among the liquor bottles. I puzzled over what they were doing there for some time until (somehow) I realized that they were meant to symbolize erect phalluses, which magically made complete sense to me.

Then I woke up.

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Human Evolution in Action

Cessna 172
September 20, 1986
Overton, Nevada

The pilot and passenger were killed when the Skyhawk crashed into a slope along the shore of the Overton Arm of lake mead, not far from Las Vegas, shortly past midnight on a clear night with a nearly full moon.

Although logbook information was not available, investigators said they did determine that the 57-year-old pilot had obtained his private pilot license in 1980.

The plane had taken off sometime before 11pm from Las Vegas, investigators said. It was at about that time that the pilot contacted the Unicom operator at Boulder City. The operator told investigators the pilot had stated he was not planning to land at Boulder City, and intended to fly "up the Vegas wash" area.

At about midnight, a fisherman on the Overton Arm observed the lights of an aircraft flying very low over the water. The plane passed out of sight. At about 10am the following day, the plane was located not far away, having struck about 50 feet below an escarpment.

Investigators said lab tests showed the pilots blood alcohol level was 0.18 percent, and the level of his female passenger was 0.14 percent. In mosts states drivers are considered intoxicated at a level of 0.08 percent, and Federal Aviation Regulations now limit pilots to 0.04 percent.

Local authorities removed the bodies from the wreckage. Investigators said local police reported that, as evidenced by the position of the bodies and certain injuries to the pilot, the passenger was performing an act of oral sex at the moment of impact.

NTSB probable cause findings:
Judgment..Poor..Pilot in command
Physical impairment(alcohol)..Pilot in command
Clearance..Misjudged..Pilot in command
Diverted attention..Pilot in command

Contributing Factors:
Light condition..Night
Terrain condition..Mountainous/hilly

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